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Vol. 9, Jan-Dec 2023

The Image of the Crow in Ted Hughes’ Poetry

Haider Jaber Husain 23/01/2023 Page: 001-006

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One of the most widely read poets in England after World War II, Ted Hughes (1930–1998) constantly engaged in a discourse with the literary, party–political, spiritual, and intellectual traditions. Hughes' poetry addresses the most pressing issues of contemporary living in a world torn apart by a series of tedious and "big" wars while fusing scientific monitoring with artistic imagination. The recurring themes in the poem "Crow" are undoubtedly influenced by his interests in mythology and folklore, Sufism, and Indian mystic philosophy throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Interestingly, Hughes chose the Crow as his special symbol. In folk mythology, the crow is an animal figure associated with the dual concepts of mortality and guilt. Therefore, the goal of this study is to make explicit some hidden meanings included in the poem "Crow."

Effective E-Learning Integration with Traditional Learning in a Blended Learning Environment

Khansa Hassan Al-Bahadli 26/02/2023 Page: 07-16

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In higher education and the workplace, e-learning is a new tool that leverages cutting-edge technology to give training and development. The Internet and the enormous prospects in global education have helped it grow quickly. This study's objective is to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of e-learning when combined with conventional instruction in a blended learning setting. The study will compare a blended learning environment against a strictly electronic learning environment. The report will also offer guidelines for a mixed learning environment that all three of the primary stakeholders—students, teachers, and institutions—can use to decide strategically on learning and teaching activities. The paper comes to the conclusion that approaches to blended learning provide the most adaptable and scalable path to e-learning.

Assessment of Knowledge Regarding First Aid Among the Anganwadi Workers in the Rural Areas of South Mangalore Taluk: A Cross-Sectional Study

Fathima Arfa, Amrut R H 13/05/2023 Page: 17-22

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The Anganwadi Workers are responsible for providing informal Pre-school education to children between the age groups of 3-6 years of age, with this group of individuals being more prone to injuries due to their risk taking behaviour and curious nature. The purpose of this study is to therefore assess whether the knowledge pertaining to First-Aid is adequate enough among the Anganwadi Workers in the rural areas of South Mangaluru Taluk.